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Where is the Love

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By the summer of 2003, I had brought three children in to this world. In July of that year, as I looked at them and then looked at the chaos that surrounded us in the world, I was disgusted and had enough. Enough of suicide bombings, horrific acts of terror, 16,503 murders in the U.S. alone. I couldn’t watch one more thing blow up or come down.

I pulled out an old Hanes t-shirt and in a black marker and wrote LOVE REVOLUTION across the front. I wore that shirt every day that summer. It was my own personal uprising. When Autumn came, the shirt got put away, there was preschool, work and diapers, it wasn’t time…
Well, 11 years later, it’s time…

What I have learned from then to now, leads me to believe that the Universe had a much bigger plan in mind for my revolution. I have spent the last decade studying energy and vibrations and how we raise them.

In the book, Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, he states that there are 20 different levels of consciousness and they calibrate at different vibration frequencies ranging from 20 = shame (below that is death) to 1000 = enlightenment. 200 being the critical tipping point in the scale. He summarizes that 85% of the human race vibrate at well below the critical 200 mark. That means that as a whole we are vibrating in fear, anger, apathy, and guilt to name a few. This is the creation of the media.
So where does energetic change take place? Change starts happening at 200 which is courage. Love calibrates at the level of 500. David Hawkins states in his book that “One individual vibrating at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below 200.” Do the math, we are powerful and it is our time to create a new life and a new world.
So listen,
What if….. we glorified the kindness and generosity of millions and not the infamy of school yard shooters and other needless crimes?
What if…. we empowered people of all ages, races and backgrounds to up their vibration by living just slightly more conscious each day?

What if… we could look upon the world and see people taking care of each other, even if they didn’t know each other?

What if… All of the children around the world could participate in measuring the love they give and watch it surround the earth?

What if… We created so much goodness and love in this world through our actions that the media, had to cover it?

What if… It’s here.
An uprising so big and so vast that it will change the everything we know our lives to be.
A revolution that shows another way. That forces the hand of the media to show good, where we are empowered by and for positive actions globally! Where the elderly and young unite to say enough! We are a world filled kindness, generosity of our souls and LOVE for one another. We will not be told we are hate and we destroy. We know the truth, we are the truth and we will show you the truth!


Join us, it’s a world thing.
(details launching soon)