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We are not hate…

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This morning I was asked “What is the thing that really makes you angry about the world?” This is by far is one of the easiest questions for me to answer, but one of the more negatively charged and emotional for me as well……. I have actually simmered on this all day and am hoping that through writing this post, I will some how be able to wrap my head around it and present the answer eloquently and thoughtful {and “G”rated }.

In the 1970‘s, my dad used to say “Housewives could rule the world, if they wanted to!” that “They literally controlled the airwaves.”
“If a woman doesn’t like what she see on T.V., she doesn’t buy the products being advertised and boom, what she sees on T.V. changes!”

What happened?!

When did we get so jaded as to what we were seeing in the world, that we stopped thinking that we could change it? We turn on our t.v., desktop, laptop and phone and we are hit with horrendous visuals and hideous headlines and we keep watching. We keep buying the product!
I’m angry that my little girls have to participate in “Lockdown drills” because the media has glorified the infamy of shooters and ignored the heroes, the heroines and the happy. but happiness doesn’t sell.
The media has become so powerful and influential that we are making billions in violent movies and television just to keep up with ratings of the real life horrors. Why watch the violence of war and street crimes, when you can actively participate as a shooter in simulated video games.That is the power of the media. They have set the negativity bar at an all time high and our brains, emotions and spirits just can’t process it.

In the book, Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, he states that there are 20 different levels of consciousness and they calibrate at different vibration frequencies ranging from 20 = shame (below that is death) to 1000 = enlightenment. 200 being the critical tipping point in the scale. He summarizes that 85% of the human race vibrate at well below the critical 200 mark. That means that as a whole we are vibrating in fear, anger, apathy, and guilt to name a few. This is the creation of the media. This must change if the world is to change and for the world to change, where the money comes from has to change.
We the people must create that change and that change will come when we have finally had enough and stop buying the products, it’s that easy.

I want to leave you with this story, because it’s important and because it’s happy;

As I sat in Newark airport a couple of weeks ago, getting back on a plane to San Francisco, I watched two toddlers find their way to each other, the first; was a beautiful Iranian little girl with mother in tow and the second, a little blonde, blue eyed, boy with his mom close by his side. As these two found each other, their very first instinct was to laugh and embrace one another and not let go. As these two laughed and giggled and their moms chatted, laughed and commiserated together, the joy in our terminal was infectious, people were smiling and talking and relating.
The toddlers were vibrating at the conscious level of Joy. Joy calibrates at the level of 540. David Hawkins states in his book that “One individual vibrating at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below 200.” We are powerful but we have forgotten we are.. But, we can remember and we will.

So yes I am angry beyond reason, but I am hopeful…