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The Universal Law of Karma

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The Universal Law of Karma: Your Company’s most important Standard Operating Procedure.

What is Karma?

Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force may be modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able eradicate it. This law of cause and effect is not punishment, but is wholly for the sake of education or learning. A person may not escape the consequences of his actions, but he will suffer only if he himself has made the conditions ripe for his suffering.
This Universal law is the most important standard operating procedure you can have in business, actually in life (but we’re talking about business here…) The law of Karma does not have to be believed in to exist, it just exist.
If you don’t like the “Karma thing” think of it as the Golden Rule, remember “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s the same thing (kinda), here’s an example…

So last night I went to bed really angry, angrier than I can remember being in a long time.
I had been referred to a business associate that would help me immeasurably, and she was planning a trip to San Francisco. I had contacted her, had a short discussion via email and paid a deposit (of a very large amount of money) to secure time with her. We hadn’t had an opportunity to chat and finalize details, I wasn’t worried because I knew we would.
As it turned out, I had some news from home and plans changed. I would be going home to spend time with my family during the week she would be in town and had to cancel our time together.
I promptly let her know and asked her to refund the deposit because I wouldn’t have the opportunity to ever use her services again.
When I received a reply text, it simply said, “ I am sorry but because you booked me, I didn’t book anyone else so your deposit is non refundable, but it never expires.”
I was floored and angry, we didn’t even have a set day to meet! Off to bed I went…

When I woke up this morning, my second waking thought was what had happened last night. But instead of being angry, I was happy and grateful. I wasn’t even sure why, other than I was appreciative of what this woman did in the world and I even appreciated her confidence and self assuredness in her policies, but it seemed bigger than that.
As I sat in meditation, it came to me! 2 years ago, I had a woman book a standing appointment for her daughter. The woman paid me for the entire year in advance (a very large sum).
I worked with her daughter for about 5 of those months, then without any hesitation the woman decided her daughter no longer needed to see me. She never asked for the balance back, but I was proactive and wrote her saying that I was disappointed that her daughter wouldn’t be coming back and unfortunately, her balance was not refundable, but she had a credit that never expired.

I never heard from that woman again.

I had always felt a bit queazy at not refunding the balance and how that looked morally for me, but I totally needed to stand my ground and I justified the uncomfortableness away.
Well this my friends, is a perfect example of Karma. I had put a principal of action, a vibration out into the world and it was returned to me like a boomerang 2 years later.
As it turned out last nights exchange was the closing of a Karmic circle. You see, when I looked into it further, the two amounts, the one I kept and the one I lost were the EXACT same. There was no true loss of money in the end, it really wasn’t mine to keep, so it was disbursed into the universe at a later date. I did not make my situation ripe for suffering, because upon receiving her text, I just waited and didn’t react, so I mitigated the suffering.

Karma is as real as taxes, bills and well, death. It is the energetic exchange of intention and action, nothing more and nothing less.
When you start looking at the way you and your company does business, you need to look at your Karma account. A Karma account is the daily habits and standard operating procedures that send out energetic forces to others in your company and customers. You either have a strong healthy Karma account or you don’t. If you manage or run a company out of intimidation, lack, stress and scarcity you will attract those same experiences to you at a later time.
If you, on the other hand, are generous, empowering, kind, the Universe delivers the exact same back to you.
Think of it as a Universal 401K, every action you put in, the “Universal Company” matches it right back to you.
The Universe does not judge, it just matches the vibration you send out. It’s pretty much saying “Oh that’s your gig? Cool, here you go.”
Karma is nothing to be afraid of, just mindful of. Yes, you are probably sitting there right now thinking one of two things:

  1. Whew, I’m good! or…
  2. Crap!

Look the good news is, we can change our ways, we can be mindful, conscious and we can start now. Mindfulness is not just another item on your to do list, it’s as real as Karma and it takes almost no time at all to shift. I have had the pleasure of working with many entrepreneurs and executives and mindfulness and cleaning up the Karmic bank account is always the easiest of Consciousness task.
So tomorrow when you go into work or sit at your desk, make a sign that says, “Karma account” and put it where you can see it.

I bet your day goes just a smidge different…