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The day I was the energy of money and what I learned…

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So as a perk of what I do for a living, I get to try out magical games to give to my clients to play throughout their days to get to know and manifest their abundance.

One of those games is “Holding the Energy of Money.” You can tell so much by how you feel about money when you do that and it is how I find out if my clients have limiting beliefs surrounding money.
Money is just a word and a symbol we have given to a particular energy, nothing more. However, it is the one thing that we have most of our insecurities and limiting beliefs around.
When I hold the energy of money, It’s FABULOUSLY Awesome for me!

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, as I was commuting into the city, I decided to play the little money manifesting game and I became the “Energy of Money”.

I asked my self how would I feel if I was money?

I felt brilliantly awesome and sparkly!!! I felt light fun and multiplied my energy with every inhale and exhale. I actually visualized it. I turned on my radio and rolled down the windows and felt free for the entirety of my drive. This little exercise was so fun, that I decided to be money all day.

What happened was magnificent, well… until it wasn’t.

First, I stopped by my little coffee stop up the street and was treated to my morning brew by the owner, Saweeeet!

Then, my first client of the day decided that after her reading, she wanted to purchase my mentoring program as well as a reading for her mom, Awesome!
On my way to my car with warm quiche to go, I passed an elderly homeless man on a stairwell and handed him my lunch, my heart was about to burst at the authenticity in the gratitude of his expression and quiet “thank you”

Leaving the parking lot, the person in front of me paid for my parking as a “random act of kindness”.

So by noon, I was amazed at how concentrating on being the positive energy of money was bringing so much prosperity into my experience and I mean all kinds of PROSPERITY!!! I was definitely what you call “in the flow’ and I was having a blast!

At around 3pm, I picked my two youngest from school, both, who were in less than abundant moods. My 17 year old was already at home and as we all gathered it was apparent that we were all on very different energetic wavelengths.
As I told them about my experiment, one of the teenagers rolled his eyes and walked out of the room muttering something about “nothing good to eat in the house.”

As I felt the energy of discontent linger in the room, my youngest started in on what two of her friends were getting to do over the summer that she wasn’t invited to, never mind that my daughter had such a packed summer of vacation travel planned, that she couldn’t have fit in one more thing…
As the contrast of energy started to take it’s toll on my
lighthearted mood, I walked into the kitchen just in time to find another one of my kids throwing away almost a full meal that she was “snacking on” and I mean, a FULL MEAL!
The waste thing always kills me, but today it was the straw that broke the camels back…

By 6 p.m. I had gotten everyone fed and announced that I would be working in my bedroom and was not to be disturbed for the rest of the night!

My being the energy of money and them being the energy of ungratefulness, jealousy and wastefulness was not jiving and I took my awesome happy prosperous self right out of our little mix.

I thought my little experiment had gone arwy and I was unable to hold the energy that I had created.
I was wrong!
If you know anything about the Universal Law of Attraction you know that “Like attracts Like” and you know that when you are vibrating at one a negative energy like Ungratefulness, it is impossible to attract a positive energy like Abundance.
Viola! My experiment was even more awesome and prosperous than I original thought, Whoo Hoo!

As for the kids, they came around, they always do and me… well, I will continue to make it a practice to play the Money energy game often. You should too and if you find that when you hold the energy of money some less than abundant emotions and beliefs come up, call me.
I assure you it’s something that easily remedied.