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Terms and Conditions

I am so grateful that you are here and are interested in working with me. I am honored. Here are the legalities of our work together.

  1. All service purchases are non refundable. I do, however, honor the credit for one year. In the event that something major has happened in your life (like you are moving to Bangladesh) we can discuss postponong services for an agreed abount of time so your credit doesnʼt expire.
  2. Once your appointment is on my calendar, you have 24 hours to purchase it. If you do not, your appointment will be automatically deleted off my books.
  3. I typically book 1 month out, if you want to get on my priority cancellation list, you need to purchase a session in advance. Then if someone cancels, I notify you and Bam, we slide you right in.
  4. Because the work that I do for you, begins 24 hours prior to our reading when I sit in meditation and pull your energy, I need you to cancel prior to 24 hours before your reading. If you cancel last minute or within that 24 hours, you will not receive credit for that appointment.
  5. Contract work: When you and I agree to contract work and start on this journey down your path together it is so important that there is no contraction between the two of us and money. The energy of money is really neutral but our feelings and beliefs around it is not. Because of this, We handle the financial part first. All monies are to be paid up front and on time prior to our work beginning.
  6. I am 100% + committed to this work with you and I know that you are really excited to begin as well. Here is what I find though, if you do not have your money invested fully before we begin, then energetically you are not fully in engaged. Additionally, You will not receive any money back guarantee from me, because when we come at this intense work with the attitude of “well, if this doesnʼt work, I can always get my money back.” then the energy of your commitment is compromised.
  7. When you and I are engaged for contract work, this is to help you on a very specific journey, This is not an hourly committment and your time with me is not transferable to other people or for other services. We agrre to walk a path together and where as it may take many forms, I am here for the purpose of that path only.
  8. I am a tax write off! When you sign a long term engagement with me for the amount of $3,000 or more, you can write me off on your companyʼs taxes. Who doesnʼt love that!!!!
  9. Copyright infringement: I have worked very long and very hard and so has my attorney getting all of my intelectual property copyrighted. You are under no circumstances to use what I teach you to teach others or take credit for. We are so excited when we learn something new that will help the world, I appreciate that, but unless you have purchased a liscensing agreement from me for one of my programs and have been trained by myself, you do not have the authority or my permission in anyway to replicate it or teach it.
  10. By making a puchase through my shopping cart you automatically agree to all of my terms and conditions.
  11. If during our work together, you for any reason, have an affair on your spouce or partner. I reserve the right to immediately terminate our working together and all monies are non refundable.
  12. Thank you a million times over for entering into my life and allowing me to help you with your. I am honored.