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Summer Camp and the Intuitive Current of Love!

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We all have an intuitive compass that resides deep within us. It is the quiet voice that directs us to ease, serenity and joy. Like the Mariner’s compass rose, we each have four main cardinal points that keep us centered into who we truly are. Those points are N=Truth S=Love E= Trust W= Joy

For me, the 3.5 days that I spent at Camp GLP were an exceptional example of watching people’s compass’ being awakened.
You see, I believe that we are all born with this intuitve way of being. It’s in growing up and experiencing life that we either shut it down or we perfect it, just like we are all born with the ability to run, but not everyone chooses the path of an Olympian Athlete.

The word Intuition is very misunderstood, it is considered to be based in “non-factual” or “provable” experiences or in layman’s terms, “woo woo.”

I believe that what intuition is the split second you feel the vibration of a situation, just before you judge that situation and what you are feeling.

We are born intuitive but raised to not to trust it, here’s an example…
A child watching his parent closely ask, “Are you upset?” and we answer “No honey,, I’m fine. “ What we did there is confuse the child and create an experience for that child to not trust what they know in their being to be true (intuition). In trying to “not concern the child” we told them they were wrong. So little by little we stop trusting our intuition and as we get older and have big life decisions and choices to make, our brain goes back to that moment where we intuitively felt something and says “Oops, but you were wrong” and that is when we make choices based on logical overide or what others think is best.

Some of us go through life happy enough without a strong connection to our intuitive compass. We still have joy, love and goodness, but when we feel unsure or incomplete or a little lost on our journey, we are not connected into our intuitive compass.

What makes that compass work? Love! You absolutely cannot anchor in to your intuition without love.

Well on the last weekend of August, 350+ people learned what it was like to live in that current of love. People at camp had amazing intuitive experiences, they showed up at workshops they were not scheduled for, just in time to hear that one thing that they needed to hear that exploded their mind and change their life. They gained clarity for things that had blocked them for so long, by intuitively sitting and having dinner with a group of strangers that they just “felt” like sitting with. Life long friendships were created and new bonds formed based on unexplained connections and coincidences.

My first year at camp, I sat with huge tears in my eyes on the last day listening to Jonathan Fields tell the story of leaving law to become an author. This year, we heard AJ Leon talk about making the transformational shift from the life that was imprisoning him to living a life listening and following his intuitition to go out and fufill his life’s calling and happiness. These are people living from their soul, and when we live from our soul we are most definately connected to our intuitive compass.

It is our intuitive compass that drives those huge changes and creates transformation in our lives.

Intuition is the difference between the onlookers and the jumpers. It is that small voice within us that says “You will be caught, you are safe.”
I am not talking about having blind faith, blind faith says “I don’t know my internal compass, so I will just go along with yours.” Okay, NEVER do that. We must slow down enough to hear the voice inside, OUR voice.

We slowed down at camp and we connected to joy and when we trusted that joy, we became anchored into this world by love and when you are anchored by love, you exsist in truth, those are the cardinal points of our compass.

In the book, Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, he states that there are 20 different levels of consciousness and they calibrate at different vibration frequencies ranging from 20 = shame (below that is death) to 1000 = enlightenment. 200 being the critical tipping point in the scale. He summarizes that 85% of the human race vibrates at well below the critical 200 mark. That means that as a whole we are vibrating in fear, anger, apathy, and guilt to name a few.  So where does energetic change take place? Change starts happening at 200 which is courage. Love calibrates at the level of 500.

David Hawkins states in his book that “One individual vibrating at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below 200.”
When 350+ campers are calibrating at Love and each one of us is counterbalancing 750,000 others… I would say that those days spent at summer camp did some good for the world and that is amazing!

We are inherintly better people because of Camp GLP and sitting in eachother’s presence for three and a half days, We can feel it deep within us. What we do when we go back into our own lives, is infusing that current into the lives of the people we know. That is awesome.

This year, as I sat listening to Jonathan on the last day, I was moved to tears once again. Jonathan asked us to remember back to that one moment, that one person , that one connetion…..
What we remembered, was each of those things, but what we felt? Well, that was Camp GLP’s beautiful current of love.

I was laying under the California sky late last night and I was looking at the big dipper, each star’s connection to the next was so clear and bright and magnificent, it took my breath away. That single grouping of stars shined so bright as if running a current through it’s pattern, that it illuminated all of the other stars in the sky and some of those other stars created their own patterns, but they all shined bright and beautiful and gave illumination to the planetary system as a whole.
All I could think was, “They all must be hanging out at camp….”