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   In the end, I would imagine that it really comes down to one question. Did I live a happy one?”   

Self Realization for Leaders

You are not an island, nor are you meant to exist as a leader in this world while “winging it” in the areas of “Self Knowledge” and “Transformative Leadership.”  It is the era of Authenticity and Consciousness and it is no longer acceptable to “fake it until you make it” or worse, show up “unrealized.”

You are very important and you have an extremely important job to do here. I’m here to transform your growth goals into realities. And to do that you must not only must you know yourself completely, you must know your “complete self”, that is Self Realization.

As we all know, there are many different types of leaders, but they really break down into only two types, the Human Leader and The Being Leader.

We are a combination of two energies, our first energy is our Human Energy, which is the body, the “What we do” in this world, the “I’m only human,” our physical self and our base line belief system (the one we don’t know why we believe it and quite possibly deep down inside we don’t even know if we agree with it…). This is the part of us that is powerful in getting things done, making success stories out of our lives and taking charge of all things. But when we are not in balance and the human energy is too dominant, we get stuck and just can’t move forward.

Then, there is your Being Energy.  This is our Higher Self, ruled by intuition, creativity and a deeper sense of self knowledge and Universal Truths. This is the part of us that sees the big picture but gets overwhelmed by details and has the ability to get derailed and even paralyzed in actualizing the dream.

When we find ourselves floating around in “la la land” not relating to anyone and not grounded into the moment, we are living in our being and that is when we tend to go into “I am an island, (actually more like a cloud)” mode.

More often than not, one of our sides has raised the white flag and surrendered to the other side and we live out of balance. The idea of our life and work here is to balance these two sides and live and lead fully in your human being. When we actively live and lead in our human being, we become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. It’s powerful and easy.

I work with leaders who hunger for more and aren’t afraid to ask for help realizing those goals. My Self Realization for Leaders program is for those leaders that are tired of the possibilities and want a more prosperous reality.

How it works:

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Self-Realization for Leaders is a 12 month program designed to create lasting transformation. We do this through 12 90 minute sessions. In between you have full access to me via email.

Our working together is 12/ 90 minutes sessions and has 3 phases:

1   Awaken: Getting to know who you are, the real authentic you that has your own beliefs and dreams and knows your inner compass and where it will to take you.

2   Enlightened:Then armed with that radical self knowledge and confidence, we take on the human side and those limiting beliefs that keep you an island out in the middle of nowhere. This is usually a much easier process once you have actually reacquainted yourself with your awesomeness.

3   Action:Then we balance your human being and unleash your Dynamic, Authentic, Supercharged self and you go off and create an even deeper, more profound and unbelievably prosperous life.

For those interested in Self Realization for Leaders, you’ll need to begin with an Intuitive Reading first. Here, we’ll get to one another and see the work that lies ahead for both of us. I look forward to getting to know you. Simply click here to book your reading and we’ll begin your journey today.

This world is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

“Susan has become an important part of my business and plan for growth of my brokerage team. Our work together is both grounded in measurable deliverables and big picture mental and spiritual growth. The application of an intuitive approach to business planning is proving to be one of my best business decisions.”

Ben Alder, Senior Advisor

SVN Land Group
National Co-Chair Land Product Council
Sperry Van Ness Miller Commercial Real Estate