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  Life is too short to live an unhappy one.   


The most important gift I have been given, is my ability to help people through “readings”. For me the time that we spend together whether it’s in person, via phone or Skype is sacred. It is sacred because it’s not just you and I, you see, when you book a reading there are higher Universal energies at work. When I committed to this life of service, I became very familiar with my guides and they help me tremendously with the work I do. I am delivering messages that you are meant to hear, it is not me telling you things, I am simply delivering messages to you.

When we are done, you will have a clear picture of your life’s path, the blocks you are having, why and where they come from and most importantly how to get rid of them. Yes, I am a medium and spirits are a huge part of our journey here, so yes, I deliver those messages too. Basically, no stone goes unturned in the topic of YOU!


After suffering a traumatic loss I began searching of answers and a way to ease my pain.

In my search I read dozens of books, spoke with grief counselors, tried religion and many mediums and psychics. Some offered some relief but it wasn’t until I saw Susan Lustenberger, did I find a level of peace that I hadn’t experienced since our son’s passing.

Not only was I impresses with her insight and compassion, I loved her open and welcoming personality. As I sat across from her, I felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend.

– William A

Shortly after meeting Susan, our family experienced a difficult time. Susan came to mind. I’m so glad I called her, Susan exudes calmness! Susan met with me and my child and gave a beautiful reading, she was able to validate my child’s fears and give her real tools to use. She helped our scared child feel empowered and as a result, our situation drastically improved.

Our family has come to Susan as a touchstone during times of uncertainty. Her talents are obvious, but what I didn’t expect was the amount of healing and peace that takes place afterwards.

– Phil and Marisa B