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   In the end, I would imagine that it really comes down to one question. Did I live a happy one?”   

Project Consulting

I have always had the ability to look at a situation or project and see exactly what’s going on ( I mean on a completely different level than most consultants ) and how to make it better. Everything is energy and that includes projects and business teams. Project consulting is just long term mentoring for business. It’s where I work with both the principals and the team in creating an atmosphere of success for the best and highest good of all. We begin with the basic series of five and then assess what needs to happen to move the project or company forward. You will never do business the same way again.

This is a commitment of 12 sessions over a 3 month period to begin and assess your long term needs.


Susan had a vision for our project from the start, and clearly sees it as its own entity. Her guidance has infused our team with positive energy, enabling us to do our best work.

Susan was able to articulate each team member’s unique strengths and how they could be used together in the best interest of the project. At the same time, she was able to identify potential challenges and provide specific guidance on how to best address them. She grounded us at our project’s inception, created a framework for our process and has served as a valuable touch point whenever we start to spin or get stuck.

Susan has become an integral part of our team – as a coach, a confidante and the person who lovingly looks after each team member and the integrity of the project as a whole.

– Kate Oliviero Television writer/producer

Working with Susan has been both eye-opening and eye-popping on many levels. Her unusual combination of skills, strengths and past-experiences make her a formidable, energy-infusing, insightful guide along life’s tricky paths of personal and business growth. She’s encouraged and guided me with deep love and integrity and has truly become an ethereal member of my team. Always unwavering, Susan’s like a human GPS for where you want to go in life.

– Rachel Gogos Founder BrandID and MyPath101