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   In the end, I would imagine that it really comes down to one question. Did I live a happy one?”   

About Me


This page is tricky… I’m not a big “Bio girl”. But having said that, It’s important for you to have a little insight into, well, I guess me.

So here is a list of important facts for you to know.

More often than not, you will NEVER get just one answer from me, you just won’t, it will always be a tie or multiple, so fall in love with that part of me right now. It’s part of my charm (and remember, it’s all about your options).

I LOVE: twinkle lights, candlelit lanterns hanging at night, old people, young people, and in between people, but NOT mean people! I love antiquing, the desert, the beach, tan feet peeking out from faded blue jeans, food and COFFEE!

FAVORITE SMELL: Coffee, the ocean, sweaty little kids after they have been playing and maybe my all time fav…the desert after a rain storm.

FAVORITE SOUND: Easy, laughter. it’s our ultimate creative expression of JOY and hate to break it to ya folks, but that BIG OL’ life purpose question looming over your heads, well that’s all it is…. Being Happy!


Yeah yeah, I know, it really hard to be happy. There was a time when I was utterly and completely NOT HAPPY and it seemed the more I thought about how unhappy I was, the bigger the crap load of unhappiness kept dumping it’s yuck all over me. {you’ll hear much more from me on the happiness deal on other pages.} So now, back to the facts…

Another little known fact is that I have mad Mediumship skills, like really, I was born Clairvoyant and Claircognizant. As I started to get older and go through major life transformations, I learned more about my intuitive strengths and realized that I was put here to help.  I immersed myself in programs and classes to educate myself on as much as I could about what I was experiencing.  Along with these studies and gifts came the ability to manifest and help others manifest vast prosperity and abundance in their lives through consciousness.  Look, I’m not weird or ooga booga, just intuitive. Actually, I do laundry, have three kids, spend my weekends at soccer games and live life exactly like you.

What started in 2007 as private meditation coaching quickly grew and developed into the work I do today.

Through this work, I have been lucky enough to work with an array of clients from guiding pro athletes, movie executives, C.E.O’s on various projects to working privately with individuals seeking happiness, answers and authenticity in their personal lives.

The work I do has no limitations, it’s just as easy to consult on a project as it is to read a person and bring through the guidance that they need to move forward in their life. I am so lucky that I know what I know, see what I see and help who I help. I always say that,

“If people could see what I see, there would be such little sadness in the world.”

MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE : It’s a tie, Mr. Coffee, Juan Valdez and the Hills Bros. Arabian Taster (his real name by the way) man. Growing up, there wasn’t a time that I don’t remember these men always in the kitchen and more than willing to help a gal out.

Really, the coffee thing, well, it’s a total thing (so just leave it alone).


My life is magical and there isn’t a day that I don’t wake up feeling like life is perfect, not in a “Little Susie Sunshine” type of way, but in the let’s kick this world in the ass and get some good stuff done today way!

As I said earlier, it wasn’t always this way. But I made decisions and changed some things and everything in my life changed and it became magical and HAPPY.

I can do this with you! I have done this for many many years and have a gazillion clients that live amazing lives because of the work we did together.

Look, I’m going to tell you right now… I am not a coach! But, I am a guide who can walk beside you and show you how easy happiness and prosperity can be, not only because it’s what I do well, but also, I have taken that journey myself. Now, let’s move on to you.