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Is card pulling a good business practice?

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Is card pulling a good business practice? Oh Heavens yes! (see what I did there….. I didn’t say hell.)

Thank goodness long gone are the days of Gypsies with too much eyeliner and bad lipstick application sitting behind a curtain telling you your future by pulling tarot cards.
Actually, Tarot cards are a really viable oracle for helping us out. The Tarot deck can send us reeling into limiting beliefs and fear if we do not know the symbolism of it and that is why we should best leave the pulling of it to professionals that have mastered it.
What I am talking about here is card pulling, a “anybody can do it” approach to connecting in with your highest self and heavenly guidance through beautifully designed oracle cards. Look, even if you just winced and that last sentence, you need to realize that there is a benifit to getting really quiet, still and connecting in with your truth. Pulling cards gives you the time and space to do just that. If you are still having a hard time, think of it this way… At the very least, even if you do not believe you are receiving guidance with something greater than yourself, think of it as a time of self reflection. Like it or not when you ask and then pull a card, you are going to have thoughts and feelings come up. That my friend is the sweet spot, it’s the place where you will receive some insight into the most important topic of all, you.

I started pulling cards in the summer of 2007. I bought my first deck while on vacation in Lake Tahoe. I retreated to my room and carefully read the instructions. My dad had just died a few months earlier and I had been thrown into an extremely dysfunctional business relationship with my half brother and I HAD QUESTIONS.

My first pull was a 3 card pull: past, present and future. I was asking for guidance in how to effectively deal with my brother. I pulled Inner Child, Acceptance and Miracle. I was NOT happy! I think I wanted to pull Kick, His and Ass (yes yes, admittedly not in my highest self…)
So I shuffled and cut the deck and reasked the question. I got the same three cards. Okay, I was amused and I must admit, the excitement of communicating with something beyond myself was growing within me. I shuffled and asked again…. Yes, There they were staring at me for the third time. Inner Child, Acceptance, and Miracle. That’s the same three out of 54 cards! I surrendered and proceeded to my journal to write about my pull. What happened next was incredible, I had a major download, as if I could see the deeper issue of our family’s business. As I wrote, it became crystal clear what actually all the hate and stress was really about, his as much as mine. The higher knowledge as to how to move forward which was acceptance and how NOT to move forward, in our inner children was very clear.
I wish I could tell you I had done so, but I did not, I wasn’t able to in that time of my life… So the next 7 years resulted in the most insane and painful business partnership you could ever imagine for my dad’s six children. Money was paid out to so many attorneys that it would make you head spin.
But then one day in 2010, . I made the most risky of business decisions I could, I surrendered to those cards. I let go of the fight the Inner child wanted to engage in, I accepted the situation my dad had created because he really thought it was for the best and I stopped looking for a miracle to appear.
What happened in the next year was amazing, all six sibling-partners did the same, we got bored and abandoned the fight, we got lives, grew up and made our own way. We all succeeded! Then one day we woke up and it was over. We moved forward with the realization that we were, in fact, business partners, and consciously got to choose to not be family. That was our miracle!
Why am I telling you all of this, when I am supposed to be making a point for your business? Because, that was almost 10 years ago and it is one of the most profound mistakes I was ever lucky enough to make. I could have shaved off those 7 years, but I wouldn’t be writing this post now. It needed to impact me the way it did, divine timing is real.

In business, I pull them for each client and each client’s clients. I am lucky enough to be able to see the best way for my clients to move forward in achieving their goals and dreams. One of the ways I do so, is connecting into their business and pulling a few cards. This never fails, never.
So how do you integrate it into your business practice. First of all, relax, get a grip on your limiting beliefs and have fun! Then…

#1 Find a deck you love, there are literally hundreds. My favorite are Anita Brey’s Embody your Destiny deck, Collete Barron Reid’s The Enchanted Compass, The Enchanted World’s Law of Attraction cards, and Doreen Virtue’s Saint &Angels cards. Make sure it resonates with you!!!!

#2 Sit in a quiet space (I am hoping that by now, you have your very own sacred space called an office.) Look over your cards, one by one, get familiar and notice how each card makes you feel and then look closer. Are there numbers? Look deeper into each image and notice every single detail, this is important in your messaging… Especially when you are using this to connect into your business!

#3 Get quiet! I mean it… I want you to take 10 minutes and settle yourself. This practice doesn’t work if you rush into your office and throw down some cards to get an answer on a new client or how to work with a difficult client. YOU MUST NOT DO THAT.

#4 It’s important to pick a time every day or even two. Like one when you first get into your office, set intentions of how you want your day to go and ask for support, then ask “What do I need to know for my highest good and success today?” then pull. Then maybe just prior to closing up for the night.

#5 Show gratitude! Look, No matter what your beliefs, whether it’s Heaven and God, the Universe or a Tree outside your window, You must show gratitude for higher guidance. It’s vital to your soul and the soul of your company!!!! And…. it’s polite!

Here is a short list of questions to help you get started:

What should I now in taking this next step in business?
What do I need to know for the highest good and success of my business?
What is the best way to procedd?
What do I need to now about this client/project/proposal?
How can I best serve this client?

I want to leave you with this last tidbit, you will hear me say this over and over…

We are all spirits in bodies, so doesn’t it make sense, that our business’ are spiritual endeavors? In my book The Spiritual Practices for Creating Income for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Solopreneurs you will find many practices to create a successful business and pulling cards… well yes, pulling cards is one of my most favorites… (The book is due out by the end of the year.) Look, I haven’t failed you yet, so get going, scram, go find a card deck! You’re welcome.