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  Life is too short to live an unhappy one.   

A Year of Intuitive Living

Do you ever feel like you can walk into a room and know what has just happened, or know who is calling you just before your phone rings? Have you ever thought of a friend you haven’t seen in forever and then run into them? This is intuition! We all have it!

Some of us are more open or interested in it and some just aren’t. Then… there are those that fall somewhere in between.

A Year of Intuitive living is a course that is delivered into your email inbox every Sunday evening for the next 52 weeks! I have developed this wonderful weekly course for those of you who are interested in living more intuitively, but don’t want to spend the time or money to take classes.

When we live more intuitively, life is so much more easier. It’s not about being psychic, it can be, but this course is really grounded in the everyday practicality of intuition.

When you buy this year long course you will receive a Journal of Intuitive Living, a weekly video download for the next 52 weeks and occasional emails from me supporting you along your path.

This is a fun and easy way to get comfortable with the intuitive way of life!