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A little exercise in the power of Words.

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I want you to do me a favor, stand in front of a mirror and grab your phone (with a camera).
I want you to take a photo of your self right now. Just looking at the camera straight on.
Now as you face the mirror, close your eyes… and for the next 3 minutes (set your timer) I want you to start saying things like I hate you, your stupid, ugly, cancer, sad, lazy, moron… any horribly negative charged word you can think of. Whatever images these words evoke, let them come up. You can say these things out loud or mentally affirm them, just keep your eyes closed.
When the alarm goes sounds, open your eyes and look in the mirror. Look at the difference in your face, maybe it’s lines that weren’t there, or maybe it’s a furrowed brow, could be a tension and tiredness has blanketed your face. Take a photo. Notice how you feel.
Now close your eyes, breath in and out and start saying words like love, kindness, your wonderful, happy, healthy, your safe, etc., picture something you love or happiness. After the three minutes are up, look in the mirror. Notice the difference once more, take a photo, and once again, notice how you feel.
Words have vibrations and vibrations are what runs through each and everyone of our cells.
Words negative or positive have been proven to affect us, literally on a cellular level. They can heal us or kill us.
The problem with that is that negative words such as fear, hate, kill, guilt make up more than 50% of our working vocabulary, positive words make up 30% and neutral 20%.
Even more disturbing is that throughout the world the words that are “universal” have even more disturbing stats.
Studies of 37 different languages turned up seven words that have very similar meanings. They are joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and guilt.
“Seven words, and only one positive,” “Isn’t that unthinkable?”
Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown the potent effects of sound by photographing water crystals. His work is published in his series of books Messages from Water and was featured in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?
In an experiment, Dr. Emoto taped various words and phrases to jars of water. Afterward, he photographed the crystals formed when these water samples were frozen. Words or phrases such as thank you, love/appreciation and love thyself produced a variety of beautiful geometric forms. On the other hand, phrases such as you make me sick or you fool produced crystals that were disconnected or chaotic.
The implications of these simple experiments are profound. Since our bodies are made up of 70 percent water, imagine how the sounds and vibrations that fill our external environment affect our internal environment, our very cells. Imagine how the words we speak—about ourselves and others—affect not only our own health but also the health and well-being of those in our lives.
In some of my past post you have heard me discuss our vibrations, what they calibrate at and what that means for us.
In the book, Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, he states that there are 20 different levels of consciousness and they calibrate at different vibration frequencies ranging from 20 = shame (below that is death) to 1000 = enlightenment. 200 being the critical tipping point in the scale. He summarizes that 85% of the human race vibrate at well below the critical 200 mark. That means that as a whole we are vibrating in fear, anger, apathy, and guilt to name a few.
I spend my days working with people and giving them new words. They come to me because they want to manifest millions, rapid corporate growth, off the chart sales, a boyfriend or a yacht. But they can’t even see past themselves to manifest anything else but their continued debt, loneliness and one financial disappointment after another.
You would have to literally live under a rock these days to not know about “The Secret,” “ Ask and it is Given” and all of the other books on the Law of Attraction. This is real and it is available to every single human alive, good or bad! The only difference between my clients and myself is our language and our vibration. We must change our language in order to raise our vibration, period.
By the time my clients get a grip on their “self talk” they soon realize that they are living in gratitude, kindness, generosity (yes, you must give to get.) and joy. These are the vibrations that change us and they do at the speed of light.
We can create ANYTHING. But…. we must create out of positive vibrations or it just won’t work.

So where does energetic change take place? Change starts happening at 200 which is courage. Love calibrates at the level of 500. David Hawkins states in his book that “One individual vibrating at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 individuals below 200.” Do the math, we are powerful and it is our time to create a new life and a new world.
We need to start with our words.

The best words to start off with every morning as you wake up and every night as you close your eyes is “Thank you”